Power Of Price

25 Basis Point Loyalty Bonus!

Custom Compensation Plans

Reverse Power has the ability to tailor a compensation plan that meets your needs. We do not adhere to the “one price fits all” philosophy of other lenders. Each Reverse Power partner has the ability to create a pricing model that is: totally Dodd Frank compliant, collect origination fees, yield-spread premium and lender credits that maximize their competiveness in the market while earning top compensation.

Loyalty Bonus

We believe we have the best product in the industry and we want you to give us a try. Therefore, Nationwide Equities is offering a 25 basis point bonus on the second loan you close with us.

Production Bonus

Reverse Power looks to reward customer loyalty and support. One way we do that is with a PRODUCTION BONUS! If you are a Reverse Power Broker and close 3 or more loans in any given month you will receive a 25 basis point bonus on all future closings for that month. Programs for TPO, Principal Agents and Closed Loan Sellers: If you are a mortgage broker the new HUD rules no longer require you to obtain a supervised broker designation which will allow you to originate HUD insured HECM mortgage loans. Nationwide Equities will underwrite and close your loans and pay you at the funding table your complete broker compensation (see rate sheet for pricing). For Mortgage Bankers that are non-supervised lenders: there is special pricing for you. As a non-supervised lender that wishes to close the loan in your name and with your funds but wish Nationwide to underwrite and close, ReversePower Plus, is just for you. Nationwide Equities will underwrite your loan, pull closing documents and close it in your name with your warehouse line. We will then buy the loan off your warehouse line within 48 hours. For the Non Supervised FHA mortgage banker that wish to underwrite, close and fund the loan intheir name and then sell the loan to Nationwide, RP Plus can accommodate that as well. Your loans will be insured and purchased within 48 hours of receipt of all required loan documentation

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